カーボン・オフセット第三者認証証 認証番号:CO2-1001



Carbon offset · Third party certification obtained

We are reducing CO2 emissions generated during the product life cycle, such as manufacturing and distribution of Reidankun by environmental conservation efforts. We will purchase CO2 credits (CO2 reduction / absorption amount) for not being able to reduce by all means, We are working on a carbon offset that supports efforts to reduce and absorb CO2 being carried out by other organizations.

実用新案登録証 登録第3214723号 考案の名称:省エネルギー部材

実用新案登録 登録第3214723号


Utility model registration / Design name: Energy saving material

Reidankun has a shape with multiple circular holes empty. As the airflow passes through the hole, it turns into a spiral airflow, which prevents separation of the airflow that does not reach the heat exchanger due to its rotating component. As a result, it increases the air conditioning thermal efficiency. We registered this technology as a utility model

RoHS指令 評価合格制度 合格証

RoHS指令 評価合格制度 合格

RoHS指令は電子・電気機器における特定有害物質の使用制限についての指令です。2003年2月、WEEE(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)により制定され、2006年7月1日に発効されました。中国にも同様の制度があり、EUで決められている6つの物質以外にも、科学機器や医学装備が規制対象となっています。中華人民共和国内において冷暖くんはこの評価制度を合格した節能(省エネルギー部材)商品として普及しています。

Reidankun is a product that passed the RoHS directive

The RoHS Directive is a directive on the restriction on the use of specified hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment. It was enacted by Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in February 2003, and it came into effect on July 1, 2006. There is a similar system in China, scientific instruments and medical equipment are subject to regulation in addition to the six substances decided in the EU. In the People 's Republic of China, Reidankun is spreading as an energy - saving (energy - saving component) product that passed this evaluation system.

中小企業庁 経営革新計画承認証 承認番号:29商流第927号

中小企業庁 経営革新計画承認


Reidankun has received management reform plan approval from Japanese ministries and agencies.

Persh Co., Ltd. will start to develop further innovative energy-saving components in order to further strengthen the success of Reidankun development and business development. For this purpose, we aim to become a company that formulates management reform plan, receives approval from Aichi prefecture, and can contribute to further social contribution.

特許第6312230号 発明の名称:温室効果ガス排出量の予測算定方法、装置



Japanese Patent No.6312230 / Title of invention: method and apparatus for estimating greenhouse gas emissions

When Reidankun nergy consumption of air conditioning of average 13% is saved energy.Greenhouse gases emitted to generate electricity equivalent to 13%. We have patented method and theory and system to forecast and calculate.

特許第6312350号 発明の名称:クレジット要求方法、装置



Japanese Patent No.6312350 / Title of invention: Credit request method, apparatus

CO2 credits against the amount of greenhouse gas that can be installed and reducedWe have obtained a patent as a way to request and reduce reliable greenhouse gas emissions.